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25 Years Guaranteeing the Best Quality


Founded on September 4th 1989, in Bragança, the Distribui company was born from Valouro's Group. initially operating on the area girded up to the district of Bragança and marketing of products based on poultry meat, however with demographic and economic changes the company began to expand to nearby districts, also extending the range of products.

In 1998 it acquired a plot of land in the industrial area of Vila Real, where they built a new plant of 5200m2 with cutting plants and preparation of new products, in order to better serve the final consumer.

Later, in 2007 it acquired a lot in the business park Baltar, in Paredes, with the aim of making the entire distribution of the area of Porto.

At present, the Distribui company operates throughout the north of the country.

Today, the company has three warehouses, two of which prepared with cutting rooms, 79 employees and 38 cars equipped with refrigeration equipment, which guarantee daily visits to customers.

Proven in the market in terms of quality and customer support, the Distribui company guided by market knowledge in the field of food products, by a professional management and contemplate facilities, equipment and a fleet of cars equipped appropriately and modernized.

The Distribui company is proud to remain faithful to its mission, developing day after day our activity with all the rigor and seriousness that our customers deserve and have come to expect. Thank you for your preference.